It’s long overdue [url=]http://www.newy[/url] , but Big Blue View finally has an Instagram page. You can go follow it right now at _bigblueview. Make sure you include the underscore at the beginning. This account is mostly going to be run by Dan, with a little help from Ed and Joe DeLeone, who is now running our Facebook page.We’re going to try some things on Instagram to add another place you can interact. Look out for some Q&A’s in Instagram stories and for those looking for additional fantasy football help, maybe a last minute start/sit session on Sunday mornings. We started and will hopefully continue with a #TapeTuesday, digging into an important play from the previous week’s game. Let us know what else you’d like to see posted there.BBV on social mediaInstagram: @_bigblueviewTwitter: @bigblueviewFacebook: Big Blue ViewEd Valentine (Twitter: @valentine_ed | Instagram:  @ed.valentine)Chris Pflum (Twitter: @raptormkll)Dan Pizzuta (Twitter: @DanPizzuta | Instagram:  @danpizzuta)Patricia Traina (Twitter: @Patricia_Traina | Instagram:  @pattitraina)Andrea Hangst (Twitter: @FBALL_Andrea | Instagram:  @FBALL_Andrea)Mark Schofield (Twitter: @MarkSchofield | Instagram:  @mascho3916)Joe DeLeone (Twitter: @JoeDeLeone | Instagram:  @joedeleone)Instant analysis: Shame on me for thinking the Giants were going to win Sunday Remember all that optimism about how the New York Giants had found their offense and perhaps turned their season around in a 27-22 victory over the Houston Texans a week ago?Well, fuhgeddaboutit!Facing a team giving up a league-worst 34.3 points per game and with a secondary giving up 336.7 yards per game (30th in the NFL) and playing without injured cornerback Patrick Robinson the Giants offense couldn’t — or really wouldn’t — push the ball down the field and try to take advantage.The numbers for quarterback