Ever since the game between the 2015 game between the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers [url=http://www.newyorkgiantsteamonline.com/nate-solder-jersey]Authentic Nate So lder Jersey[/url] , fans and the media alike have held their breath when Odell Beckham Jr. has come up against a talkative cornerback. This week he faces yet such cornerback in Jacksonville Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey. When he spoke to the media in the locker room on Wednesday, he presented the more calm and mature Odell “I think I learned my lesson,” Beckham said about taking the trash-talking bait. “This is, if not the best, then one of the best corners in the league, there is no way around it.”“Yeah, definitely,” Beckham said, when asked if he is excited to play against Ramsey. This will be Beckham’s first time on the football field since breaking his ankle in the game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Oct. 8 of last year.“Honestly, I’m more so just looking forward to playing football again,” he added. “But yes, it is an exciting matchup. It’s a good test for yourself in the first game against the best defense in the league, I would say.”As is well remembered, Josh Norman’s trash talk got under Beckham’s skin, and the officials and both teams’ coaches failed to establish any kind of control until the friction exploded into an all-out brawl. Since then, Beckham’s passions have flared off the field, but he has remained relatively cool on it — But that hasn’t erased the images from the Carolina game.Recalling the week leading up to that game [url=http://www.authenticsnewyorkgiants.com/cheap-eli-manning-jersey]Youth Eli M anning Jersey[/url] , Beckham spoke about how he allowed himself to get pulled into the mind game, saying he “took the cheese.” This time, he says, is different. Beckham said, “I’m seeing things different now, just knowing that it is going to be a matchup but it’s not going to be something where history repeats itself.”