strict rules in the factory floor
<p>problem after the fast, we want to improve the production efficiency. However, after an increase, it fell below 30 seconds, and we felt that there was a problem with the slip resistance. Now there are strict rules in the factory floor, which must be more than 30 seconds. Even if you can do more than 20 seconds, but the door press has a number of processes to enhance the degree of slip resistance, these factors which we must do. </p>
<p>Therefore, our alliance must take action to strengthen management and make our quality work. At the same time, I still hope, including all sectors of our society, including the technical supervision system, the news media system, and our alliance, to act collectively, and how to crack down on these little mice. Every time a random inspection, random inspection, random inspection, they are still relatively embarrassing. If we say that our </p>
<p>company needs to develop healthily, besides exercising oneself, those bacteria, these germs, you have to eliminate it. Therefore, I was thinking that if we say that we all put forward many measures in this area, it is better to do one action in one year and conduct spot checks on these little mice through our National Technical Supervision Bureau. Del is still going in the right direction, but he is still relatively unassuming, there are many companies </p>
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