home renovation
 They can decide the orientation of the house according to their own wishes or the guidance of the gentleman. In order to choose the best orientation for your own home. However,[url=http://woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/white-wood-fence-panels-pric es.html]white wood fence panels prices[/url] the smart people quickly realized that the house can't be changed, and that it would be feng shui through home renovation. Therefore, the feng shui of home renovation became a hot topic in modern life.
Home Furnishing Feng Shui - Door Orientation
The houses in the city are not necessarily flat. After all, the house is fixed and people’s ideas are flexible. Among them, people can see the change of the gate, and usually do not have a choice about the direction of the gate. However, when the direction is unchanged, it can move from side to side. [url=http://woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/exterior-wall-fence-privacy-extender .html]exterior wall fence privacy extender[/url]Under the premise of limited variables, we can choose the position that is most beneficial to oneself and seek psychological comfort.
Home Furnishing Feng Shui - Interior Design
For those who truly understand astronomy and geography, the interior wall can also change a movable point of feng shui. The housing in the city basically adopts a framework structure. As long as the pillars are not tampered with, modifying the interior wall is just a procedure for decoration. Therefore, it is entirely possible to renovate the interior walls according to their own needs, and even feng shui can be customized. Under normal circumstances, interior wall renovation can be used to beautify with wallpaper tiles, but the newly emerging wood-plastic products are also a good choice. Wood-