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Issues and bugs.

Started Topic Posts Last Post
Frollo Dropbox backup restore issue 3
dale [SOLVED] Restoring from backup fails. 12
palim Error Restoring 4
pedrot [SOLVED] Forgot PIN 9
perryhorwich Add image to text note 3
HansBKK Unknown error restoring 3
Skates [SOLVED] Simply create a copy of a note or spreadsheet 3
ricky Can't restore 2
Pentium Black theme 2
kmwmtd Spreadsheet help 4
kmwmtd Scrolling not working after paste 1
Cyberfriend Can not permanently delete a note 2
sarah Restore Notes From Backup File Error 1
juris An issue with db restoring 2
alotan Sync across devices 2
Ginger Password/Pattern Protection 2
frogbust Delete a Sub-Folder I created by Mistake 4
IaninBCN Trying to copy notes from one device to another 5
eoterm Syncing to unsecure cloud backup 2
arunkri After update latest version setting give error 2