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PIN entry enhancements

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1) Can the PIN keypad be made a little taller? I don't have particularly large fingers, but maybe 1 time in 10 I mistype the PIN by pressing numbers above or below the one intended.

2) Can the PIN screen have a mechanism to return you to the notes list? At the moment, if I choose to open a PIN-protected note by mistake, I want to return to the note list rather than the 2 options which are currently available - either enter the PIN and then close the note, or press back button twice to exit the app and then run the app again. I would suggest the double-back on this page take you to the note list rather than exiting.

I don't know if these are issues for other forms of security - password, for example - as I have only tried with PINs.

Have made the pin keys bigger. Please download the latest release - 5.4.

The  mechanism of not going back to the original list is a security feature. It is the same with all forms of security.

1) Thanks for that - just tried it.

2) Fair enough - I can sort of see the logic of forcing someone to either continue or to go back to the very start as it makes it a lot more difficult for someone to try opening many files.

Hi Dev,

Can  you add heptic/ feedback option for pin entry. I want to feel a little bit vibration while key in my password.

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