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Add options for default note appearance

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At the moment, I can change font, text size, background colour and ruled text on a note-by-note basis, which is fine. However, I think it would be useful to be able to set the initial choices for these in the main settings so that users can configure how they want all their notes to look without having to change each one individually.

Been using the app a bit more since my earlier post, and an alternative to settings might be to make these options available on the More menu if multiple notes are selected. So on a note list, long-press to select one, use the select all button (top right), press the More button. At the moment this only gives Protect and Unprotect All options. Maybe this could have more of the options available during single selections.

Hi kmwmtd, please update to the latest 5.4 version. Have added facility to set defaults from "settings" page.

Excellent - just tries it.


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