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Saving Images Securely

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I have tried attaching an image to a note and afterward deleted the image in my camera's gallery. I went back to the SecNotes app and found that the attached image could no longer be accessed. This leads me to believe that the app stores only a link/reference to the selected image and not the image itself. Whether that link/reference is encrypted or not, the image can still be seen on my phone plainly.

My question is: Would it be possible to add a feature that would securely store an (encrypted) copy of any selected image?


Hi BrieFrie,

As of now, images are just linked, so if you delete the image from gallery, the note would also lose it. Duplication of images was not done so the backup files don't grow enormously huge. But you are right, an encrypted copy of the image could be kept separately for Sec-Notes. They need not be backed up to the cloud though. Leme see if I can put this in the next release.


I was also very surprised by this behaviour of Sec Notes.

Would  you please consider importing a copy of a given image into Sec Notes's secure database, even if there has to be a limit on the size of the graphic file - users could resize the image to a smaller size, or maybe Sec Notes could offer to resample the file before it imports it.

The current behaviour is extremely, and dangerously, misleading.

This feature now seems to not work at all.

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